Located in very Northern Arizona,
this area is very remote. The
journey to this magical place takes
over two hours from the nearest
town. Miles of deep sandy track
make a high clearance 4x4 a must.
I'm always mindful of the danger of
going to White Pocket, due to the
drive and total lack of cell phone
coverage. If one were to get bit by
a snake or break a leg, you would
be in a very bad situation.  The risk
is met with ample reward however,
as the area is unlike any other.
White "brain" rocks rip open to
reveal red and orange swirls and
formations that would make
Salvador Dali proud.

Edition of 250.
The Dali Zone
12x18 $75
16x24 $125
20x30 $175
24x36 $275
12x18 $150
16x24 $225
20x30 $300
24x36 $450