Earlier in the summer, rainfall had
shut me out at Antelope Canyon.
So when Labor Day weekend
arrived, I went on a breakneck
photo run. 1600 miles in 3 days,
with Antelope on the list. After
shooting The Angel of Antelope, I
switched sides of the formation
and began my wait. I knew this
light beam was on it's way, and
staked out what I deemed the best
spot. Within 20 minutes, I was
joined by an English couple and
their guide. They were after the
same thing, and the 3 of us had
front row seats. Another half hour
of waiting brought the masses and
the light. The photo guides began
to throw sand, revealing the beam
that leaves everyone in awe.

Edition of 250.
Angel Beam
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16x24 $225
20x30 $300
24x36 $450
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