I had traveled to the Tetons for a quick 3 day photo run over the 2010 Christmas weekend. I had captured some great shots the earlier days of the
trip, but still rose well before sunrise to get one last try in before driving home. With the other shots "in the bag" in mind, I chose one of the highway
viewpoints as my target for a different angle. I trudged out into the snow in the sub zero weather and setup my camera, beginning the waiting
game. The early light was a cool blue, and I couldn't tell what, if anything, was going to happen. As it got lighter, I could see high clouds and
started to get hope that I could be granted something special. The clouds behind me to the east began to light up in a brilliant display of pink, and I
mentally pleaded with the weather to pull the color west towards the mountains. As if the weather heard my wishes, the color soon began racing
across the sky, erupting above the Tetons, gifting me a fantastic scene to end my photo run.

Edition of 200.
Teton Dream
25x90 $1000
20x72 $650
15x54 $425