Jokulsarlon translates to "glacier lagoon". At Jokulsarlon, a massive glacier heads south and breaks off
huge pieces into the lake. The outflow of the lake is a short river, maybe a quarter mile long, that
empties into the ocean. When the tides are coming in, water pushes into the lake, keeping the ice
chunks in. When the tide goes out, however, some of the ice heads out to sea. These ice pieces are
immediately attacked by the waves, breaking and tumbling around. Some of the ice is a blue shade,
and some of it is nearly crystal clear. A varied assortment of ice finds it's way onto the black sand
beach, made from ground up volcanic rock. It makes for a striking contrast. I picked out this peice for
it's clarity, and used a long shutter speed to blur the wave motion around the ice. Yet another
spectacular location on the south coast of Iceland.

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