Panther Creek Flow
I had barely slept the night before, after pulling into a campground late at night, not realizing the train tracks were
just yards away on the other side of trees. Train horns an hour apart isn't conducive to sleep. A final early
morning train woke me up shortly before my alarm clock, so I got up and pulled down the tent. I was feeling a bit
like a zombie, but the thought of my destination quickly pulled me out of my daze. I had taken a notebook full of
waterfalls with GPS locations along for this trip, with some starred as "must see". Panther Creek Falls was one of
the "must see" stops on the trip. I made the half hour, winding drive northeast of Carson, Washington, and
parked the rental car in a nearby gravel pull off. I got out and could immediately hear the stream and falls close
by. I packed up my gear and set out looking for the short trail. Soon I had arrived at the falls and was surprised
by how large the falls were. Panther Creek meets with some spring fed falls, joining right where they plunge over
the edge. The cloudy weather was in my favor that morning, giving me ample time to study the falls and come
home with a few nice shots.

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