Moab Moment
I had scouted out this location the weekend before, but the light was harsh with no clouds. I quickly figured that a
sunset with some clouds would likely be the best time to shoot this scene. Heading back to Denver from Salt
Lake a week later, it was cloudy with the forecast calling for clearing skies. It was worth a shot to see if the
clouds would break at the right time. I hiked up and got set up with 3 hours or so until sunset and watched the
clouds to the west, playing mental weatherman, calculating my odds at success or failure. The clouds broke
earlier than this, blasting the foreground fins in light, but it was a little too strong for my taste. Another cloud band
closed in the light for a bit, but just before sunset, they cracked back open, painting the tops of the fins in a soft
sunset light. The last of the cloud front hung above the La Sal mountains, catching enough light to turn color.  

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