Located in Canyonlands National Park, this kiva has been named False Kiva due to uncertainty if it was built
long ago by natives or by man at a later time. Artifacts in the area and the amazing setting make it easy to
imagine natives holding ceremonies here. It had been all sun in the morning, but they had called for rain to move
in in the evening. All sun became all clouds while I started the hike and I doubted if I would get a good shot. I
arrived at the site and set up my gear, getting a feel for the area, and began to wait in hopes of the clouds
breaking. Others came and went, but I was content to wait, in awe of the scene. After a couple hours, I spotted a
patch of blue sky to the southwest and hoped. A short while later I was hiking back while the clouds closed back
in, feeling the weather and the natives had given me a gift that day.

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Kiva Afternoon
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