First Kiss Of Light
I have visted the Maroon Bells a handful of Autumns, hoping to find just the right shot. My wish list for the
"perfect" shot is demanding, and so far has eluded me. One of the items on the list is sunrise that makes colorful
clouds. In my previous visits, I've seen bluebird skies with no clouds at all, to total cloud cover that hides the
Bells from sight, but have never really got a sky I liked, until this year. A couple of friends and I waited for the
sunrise, to see what we might get. Bands of fast moving clouds were flying over, alternating the sky between
partly cloudy and clear skies. Timing here was key. We would note the time and check the sky, hoping that the
next band of clouds would arrive at just the right spot above the mountains when the sun broke. The next line
arrived right on time, moving into place as sunrise was just a minute or two away. Soon we began to note the
clouds gathering color, and began taking shots of the show.

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